Kendall Jenner Cannes: Instagram & Twitter


Working on the international launch of Magnum’s double ice cream at the Cannes Film Festival was one of the most gruelling and exciting shoots I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in!

The whole TNR PA team really pulled together to make it possible and it was great to see it come together.

The challenges of the 3 day shoot included working on site at a big event and party space, handling celebrity VIP approvals with Kendall and her mum Kris as well as ensuring a very tight turn around of assets ready for publication and broadcast within a matter of hours and sometimes minutes.

Myself and my team of 7 cameramen, editors and runners achieved absolutely fantastic results in record timing by creating some beautifully shot and edited videos as well as social media content including gifs, boomerangs and a Twitter interview (shot and framed for square outputting).

The shoot involved a huge amount of pre-production, planning, scheduling of crew as well as producing on site and it all paid off with our videos being distributed by a host of news outlets and on the Magnum sites and video receiving millions of views online.

Produced by Kirsty Malcolm

Filmed by Stuart Ensor and Gareth Wilde

Edited by Mike Doxford

Copyright: TNR Press Association

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